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Ghost Mentor

At every stage in life we have a mentor. As a baby you have a parent, at school you have teachers, when you learn to drive someone teaches you.  When you start work somebody takes you under your wing, in sport you have coaches, dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists, even specialist position coaches! It’s a basic principle of evolution that we learn from people who know more.

Why would you think you could write a book without a coach? You take this approach to no other aspect of your life! I have one and I can be that person for you.

I can’t read every word of every book I am sent; nor do I want to.

However, so much of this business is mental; the rest is luck and contacts.

I have all three weapons in my armoury.
If you do not want to hire me as your writer, or I have rejected your story, but you know that you must tell your story regardless of whether it will be commercially viable or not, I remain available to you as a Ghostmentor.

I have experienced it all – from the loneliness of writing, the staring out of the window, the “Will I get an agent, let alone a deal?”, writer’s block, TV rights, becoming the story, the police want to subpoena my tapes, “Is my book crap?” to the ultimate sadness of “My subject took his own life”.

Seriously, if you can find a ghostwriter in the world who has experienced more than this, please put me in touch because I need to learn from them. Otherwise, trust me and ask those who have worked with me.

I am taking the unprecedented step of publishing my Ghostwriter Ghostmentor terms and conditions for total transparency and so that nobody is under any illusion of the commitment YOU need to make to tell your story.

These are very generous terms! When I attended www.ghostwritersunite.com my American audience laughed when I pitched these prices. They demanded another nought on the end of my fee. The UK is a very different market and I understand the “I have no budget” conversation.

These are my terms:

1 You will pay me £150 pcm plus VAT. The contract is for three months. You may renew it on a monthly basis after this period but you must notify me within 72 hours of the first of the month if you wish to do so.

2 You own the rights to your story. I have no claim on these unless we enter into a further agreement that specifies otherwise.

3 You may call me anytime except when I am broadcasting or between the hours of 2100 and 0800 UK time. If I can’t talk at that moment, I will return your call at the next available moment to me.

4 I will not proof read, or indeed read your final manuscript. I am happy to advise on paragraphs, wordplay, para openers and closures but I will not read your book in full. If you wish me to do so, the fee will be £500 plus VAT and I will only read it from a content point of view; not do a legal or spellcheck angle. You need to understand this.

5 If you want to hire me, please understand that I guarantee that we will start within thirty days whilst you will be unlikely to publish or self-publish within the next six months. This is not a binding clause, it’s just good advice!

6 If I introduce you to an agent or publisher during or after our arrangement then I will be entitled to a further 15% of your entire deal, an agent’s commission. Trust me, if you get to this stage, you will thank me!!!

OK Good luck, and let’s get talking.