2016: Building the Detained in Dubai book and film franchise

Just published The Red Lioness with Cathy Price who has visited every UK Red Lion pub

Currently advising on Savile and Falconio and planning for snooker corruption and the rave scene!

Number 1 terrorism book on the 10th anniversary of 7/7

Ghostwriter for the late PC David Rathband

Reached Number 14 on Amazon Kindle with Getting Over the X - the story of the first X Factor winner, Steve Brookstein

Writer of Biteback Publishing's 2nd best-ever selling book

Wrote the book the BBC tried to ban

Satirical columnist since 1993

Morning radio legend of nearly 20 years

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Tony’s book agent is Humfrey Hunter of Hunter Profiles – http://hunterprofiles.com/


For all PR-related book enquiries, please contact David Jeffs at David Jeffs Media – david@davidjeffsmedia.com

Tony is represented in the USA by Gotham Writers – Please contact Dan Gerstein at dan@gothamghostwriters.com